Who we are

We a independent contractor team of cybersecurity and secure software developers. We help FinTech & E-commerce companies defend against hackers and unscrupulous competitors, helping them grow in a highly competitive market. Being proactive, we prevent theft of financial resources, leakage of valuable commercial information, identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in software, help to avoid financial and image losses.

We are white hackers and work for the benefit of our customers’ businesses.

Our services are legal, we don’t do hacking for money, spamming, data theft etc. We are opposed to these guys and our goal is to make the Internet more secure than it is now.

Who is on the team?

For several years, we have managed to assemble an effective team with excellent experience in FinTech & E-commerce cybersecurity. In addition to cybersecurity experts, the team includes programmers, DevOps engineers, pentesters, partners to prevent ddos ​​attacks. We have a wide range of competencies at the Senior level. We work remotely, our team is dispersed throughout the world.

Location of our customers

Our customers are scattered all over the world, for example:USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Israel, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Oman, Singapore.

What are we doing

We have created an ecosystem for FinTech and E-commerce, which allows you to organize proactive protection of the infrastructure of medium and small businesses. Most of our clients are startups and mid-sized companies without full-time specialists in the field of cyber security.

Our team has everything you need to ensure the cybersecurity of your business. Before starting work, we are ready to sign the NDA, be sure that we do not disseminate information about our customers.

Our services

  • Penetration Testing – acting as a hacker, we try to access critical data of your service.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – identify vulnerabilities for the subsequent elimination.
  • Security Code Review – we analyze the source code for compliance with the given criteria for cybersecurity.
  • Software Development – developing secure software.


Usually we work with companies that do not have specialists with our competencies in their staff. These are mid-level startups. The value of the result of our work in some cases is the saved millions of dollars that did not go to the attackers. In other cases, this is the security of personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers of various online businesses. The cost of our work will never be low, but you can expect that it is lower than in similar companies with well-known brands. Contact for any questions.

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