We maintain the necessary level of security from the development stage

We develop web, mobile and desktop applications with an emphasis on security and performance. We know how to work flexibly and we understand the business needs of customers. Our focus is on software security. We achieve this by applying Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) practices.

Reduce risks, save time and money

Our software development team uses these practices to reduce cyber risks. This allows you to implement the desired functionality of the applications without compromising security and reduce the cost of fixing vulnerabilities. The team regularly conducts security checks at all stages from the development of requirements, architecture, software code, testing, implementation and regular use.

What are the business benefits?

As a result, the development team has reliable information on the list of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the developed code and architecture, and errors in embedding security software. He knows the scenarios of hacker attacks using identified vulnerabilities. It understands the causes and methods of eliminating identified vulnerabilities, which allows the release of secure FinTech & E-commerce services.

Each project is unique in its technical characteristics, business logic, conditions of use and safety requirements. Please write to us to discuss your requirements.

Need secure custom software?

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