Why do I need a Security Code Review?

We will help prevent cybersecurity problems in the early stages of product development before reaching users. As a result, you save time and budget on fixing critical cybersecurity errors that will not affect the reputation of your business and will not harm your customers in the future.

When developing a FinTech startup or E-commerce service, as a rule, programmers do not receive feedback from cybersecurity specialists. Developers do not have information about how their product can be attacked and what mechanisms need to be strengthened in terms of information security.

Most common bug causes

Our personal list of the most common errors that lead to cybersecurity vulnerabilities in FinTech startups or e-commerce services:

  • The service development team is not familiar with the development of secure software. You have hired a cool team of developers and they can be professionals in their field of knowledge, but this does not mean that they also have cyber security skills. Often, security issues are not discussed at the start of the project, a bet is made on the budget and timelines by creating an MVP which subsequently develops into a finished product. The following reason follows from this.
  • The developers used simple and unsafe techniques in pursuit of ease of development or deadlines. In pursuit of budget savings and deadlines, simple and unsafe programming methods are often used that lead, for example, to open data transfer on the network, storing open user data. These shortcomings are not visible and do not affect performance but open access to the use of data by hackers.
  • Critical errors are present in the source code or software architecture. These errors can last throughout the product life cycle. Some part is being eliminated, something is being finalized, but security gaps remain that allow attacking the service and exploiting vulnerabilities. We will help to prevent such mistakes.
  • Software functions for testing were not deactivated, allowing to bypass protection mechanisms. Just human negligence and incompetence.
  • Software functions were built into the source code by the developer for subsequent use for personal mercenary purposes. These functions can be added both at the release stage and during the subsequent update. The developers intentionally introduced malicious code in order to subsequently take control of the service. Unfortunately, this is a reality. This happens, especially with remote outsourcing low-cost development teams.
  • Programmers used some quick way to solve the functional features of your platform and did not delve into the security settings of the library used.

How to solve the situation in favor of business and avoid risks

The cheapest and least risky way to avoid cyber risks, to make a minimum of mistakes at the beginning of the project and to fix problems in a timely manner.

But as often happens, the development team may change, the development vector may change or the software platform may be quite old and at the moment there is no way to rewrite everything from scratch.

Depending on the situation, we will offer a solution that is most suitable for your business. Just write to us so that we can study the problem and make a decision.

Want to reduce risks in the early stages of development?

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